Het is gelukt! Het nieuwe parcoursrecord heb ik gelopen en de wedstrijd dus weten te winnen. Hier lees je het verslag terug.

De site van de Hart van Hollandloop en RTV Stichtse Vechts plaatste er een artikel over.

Persbericht RTV Stichtse Vecht

Bron: http://rtvstichtsevecht.nl/artikel/28461636/records-verbroken-tijdens-vierde-adrie-de-lange-hart-van-holland-loop



Persbericht hart van hollandloop

Bron: http://www.hartvanholland.net/hardlopen/2016/06/records-verbroken-tijdens-vierde-adrie-de-lange-hart-van-holland-loop/



0 #4 tedbirli 2022-02-04 05:03
We're almost there." "But why do you want to eat here? There will be many delicious restaurants there. Don't do this, but hurry up and go eat at Muchang El..." "Well... That's..." I watched the roadbed with anxiety as the general trend was leaning toward Sojin without finding a suitable excuse. "Second hyung! Cheer up!"

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0 #3 andamenti 2022-02-04 05:02
Then let's have lunch here and go." Gok Chi-hyun, who noticed Noban's intention, secretly played a delicious game. But it's already been a day or two. So-jin, who had been sniffing since the words "Let's take a rest," asked Noban, trying to avoid Gok Chi-hyun's gaze, who threw a subtle look. "Roh Jeonju. Didn't you say you're almost there?" "What? Oh..." That's right. A small prince.

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0 #2 gnotorious 2022-02-04 05:02
Since I walked without taking a break, I thought it would be okay to take a break for a while. The roadbed, who was putting down a small load on a large rock located on one side, quietly took out the words, looking at Gok Chi-hyeon's wit. "Oh, my. Legs." But soju. It's almost time to eat, but since I'm resting, I'm just going to solve the lunch here..." "Eck? Is it already lunch time? You shouldn't skip meals.

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0 #1 dongahtv 2022-02-04 05:01
However, it was exhaustion that I had no idea that this would change the pattern of this journey a little. "Well, let's take a break here for a while," said Jinchung, who was taking the lead a couple of steps ahead, looking at the sun above his head for a while. Everyone was trained in martial arts, so their faces didn't look so tired, but after leaving the guest room in the morning, for two o'clock,

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